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Category: Poetry & Self-Expression

Three Poems On Love by Napoleon Nalcot

What Is Love? 'Tis the dewdrop sprinkled at dawn  That wipes away the dirts of night;  'Tis the quest ever has been  Which often pawns a pleasant sight.  'Tis the […]

The Gates of Hell by Napoleon Nalcot

Gone are the Gates of Hell published-- A flaw it was, indeed; But someone thinks what he had wished: The hell that he has made. So much for telling truths […]

Three Poems by Napoleon Nalcot

False Alarm Everyone at 360 degrees bent for reflex. Diameter: 143.5 mm. So this was why the rounder it gets, the more it Morphed into a sleek of dark oceans […]

Dear You by Guest Author Sharmaine Galve

Our guest author for today is Sharmaine Galve. It’s always a pleasure to share this platform with other writers and poets. Sharmaine writes fiction and prose poetry. Some of her […]