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Ryan Garcia Hopes to Get A Dream Match Shot with Pacquiao Within this Year

Ryan Garcia is a rising boxing star who has plenty of opportunities waiting for him. He is a promising young prospect who may one of these days, if circumstances favor him, become the brightest star in this boxing sport we all love. But he still has a lot to prove and it is a long and tedious journey to get to the top.


On January 2, 2021, Garcia proved his worth when he dismantled a well-polished Briton in Luke Campbell via a seventh-round knockout to claim the interim lightweight crown from the World Boxing Council. But many boxing analysts have cited some of Ryan Garcia’s vulnerabilities as exposed in his fight with Campbell. Garcia, according to them, should be working to improve his defense, as his style is prone to quick counters.

In his fight with Campbell, he (Garcia) was caught by Campbell with a quick left overhand to the chin that sent him to the canvas in the second round. During the seventh round, Garcia hit Campbell with a left cross to the liver that left Campbell groaning in pain, prompting the referee to stop the fight. If Campbell just sticks to a fight plan that tracks Garcia’s unnecessary habit, he could have made a quick counter with his right hand and likely knocked Garcia down a second time.


But Garcia is young and dangerous, and he’s sure to have a lot to improve as he matures. His trainer is tasked with continuing to hone his boxing skills to the best of his ability, teaching him new techniques, and adding something new to his arsenal to make him a complete fighter. He must also be tough mentally. Anyone who wants to challenge Manny Pacquiao inside the ring must not only be physically prepared, but also, most importantly, psychologically.

In an interview with, after beating Campbell, Garcia revealed about his next plan. “After I beat Luke Campbell, I definitely want to fight Tank Davis next,” said Garcia. “Gervonta Davis is next on my list. Maybe WBC lightweight titlist Devin Haney can fight Teofimo Lopez, lineal lightweight champion and WBA/IBF/WBO titlist and after that,I can fight the winner. After Tank and before I fight the winner of Devin and Teofimo, maybe I can get my dream fight with Manny Pacquiao.”


It looks like Garcia is chasing the real challenge that can catapult him to boxing superstardom. He is young, very promising, brave, and ambitious. But the question is: “Will he be at the level of Pacquiao?” Or is he just one of those bright stars that draws us in and then quickly disappears?

“I love Pacquiao, he is one of my inspirations,” said Garcia in a separate earlier interview with Fight Hype. “He is what I aspire to be in the ring, you know like Muhammad Ali, Manny Pacquiao. It’s just Manny Pacquiao is so humble, like I’d have to get like that at an older age.” 


Garcia believes he is worthy to take Pacquiao and assume the role of Pacquiao’s holy place in the sport. And he’s also confident that it will be a passing of the torch when the two meet in the ring. He likes to emulate what Pacquiao has done not only in boxing, but also in something beyond boxing.

“He was a legend, the real legend,” said Garcia of Pacquiao. “Floyd Mayweather was a legend of course in boxing but he had a chance to inspire kids but he did it in a different way, I guess with the money and everything. But I’m looking to do stuff beyond boxing. Manny Pacquiao did something beyond boxing. Floyd only did boxing. So I feel Manny Pacquiao needs to pass that torch to me.”

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