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5 Relationship Tips You Can Follow If You Want (and Hope) to Get the Most Out of Your Relationship

One of the most striking facts about relationships is that they are not perfect. Once you accept this reality about relationships, you will find more beauty that will emerge from all these flaws. A beautiful or healthy relationship is about embracing all these imperfections that accompany any relationship: that is, learning to accept and live with each other’s differences.


But acceptance is only the first step. You need to navigate further to the defects that need repair. You need to use your love as a verb, even if you are accepting a defect as it is, to improve something you are capable of. Yes, only to the extent that you are able to, because not all problems can be solved.

Some things, in life and in a relationship, are best left alone, because that would involve something that is out of your control. It is better to pray for these things instead, and for you to make the best decision if necessary. Problems that cannot be solved need no solution, but you can manage them. It’s the way you handle these issues, problems, or flaws that can make a difference in the direction in which you want your relationship to go.


The good thing about being in a relationship is that the problems are completely normal. But your response to these issues or problems is critical to the success and failure of a relationship you are in. In some cases, what appeared to be a solvable problem/issue can spiral out of control, leading to those involved splitting up.

You cannot get everything you want from your significant other, just as your partner cannot get everything he or she wants from being in a relationship with you. But if you can’t deal with problems, big or small, and you think that changing partners is the easiest way to get out of that relationship mess, you will likely end up facing the same problems or issues with your new partner, and then, unless you change the way you address the issues, you will never get the solution you expect.


Consider these 5 relationship tips if you want (and hope) to get the most out of your relationship:

  • Make your other half feel like you accept every little facet of his or her personality–flaws and all. Acceptance is the first step and the very foundation on which a lasting relationship can emerge from. When you accept everything about your partner, it will be easier for you to appreciate the good things about your partner and the relationship that both of you are nurturing. And this can lead to both of you being more intimate and caring for each other.
  • Take time to teach and improve each other. While acceptance is important, it is just one necessary piece of the entire relationship puzzle. Without acceptance, it is nothing more than a closed door. If you can’t accept everything about your partner, it’s a dead end for both of you. But once you accept your partner wholeheartedly and without preconditions, you open the door to a positive change in your relationship. A positive change in a relationship can only be possible if you accept or acknowledge the fact that something needs to improve. Take the time to teach your partner about all the good things that you can possibly pass on to him or her, and of what both of you can do to improve each other in a relationship.
  • When the going gets tough and dark, always be a source of comfort, strength, and hope for your partner. When things and times get tough and dark, always be the first to provide comfort, and to offer solidarity with your partner no matter who or what turns on to put you and your partner in such a challenging situation in your relationship. Relationships are never without challenges. But it is through these challenges that a relationship, if it can survive such a test, can come out stronger.
  • Keep in mind that, in a relationship, you may not always be right. You can make big mistakes or keep making hasty decisions that you would later regret. While these undesirable traits are simply part of being human, it is within your power to correct them if you wish. Try to listen more to your partner. Don’t sacrifice your relationship just because you feel like you’re right and need to win the argument. Sometimes when your partner disagrees with you, he or she probably just want you to listen to him or her, so that you may also hear what he or she is not saying.
  • Aim for true love. While all people have the ability to love other human beings and to varying degrees, true love can take time to build. It is good to love, but sometimes the feeling can get lost in the process of trying to understand it your way. True love is a process, a higher level of understanding, and something that takes time to develop. You will know that what you are feeling is true love when you can fully accept your partner, be willing to be with him or her through thick and thin, and enthusiastically and passionately commit to this person with no strings attached.

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