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Khabib Was Offered $100 Million for A Boxing Match with Mayweather, Says Manager

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager Ali Abdelaziz has confirmed recently that a whopping $100 million was offered to Khabib for a boxing match with Mayweather. Prior to this confirmation by Abdelaziz, there are rumors circulating on the internet that some Saudi nationals are expressing deep interest in making the Nurmagomedov-Mayweather fight happen.


In an interview with TMZ, Abdelaziz has revealed that some people in Saudi Arabia who have met with him, have expressed their desire of wanting to pay Khabib $100 million to fight Floyd in Saudi Arabia. “I know some people in Saudi Arabia, they met with me, they want to pay $100 million to Khabib to fight Conor in Saudi Arabia. They want to pay Khabib $100 million to fight Floyd in Saudi Arabia,” Abdelaziz told TMZ.

But it appears that Nurmagomedov just shrugged off rumors of a possible boxing showdown with Mayweather. And so was his manager Abdelaziz’s response to the offer despite the huge pay they could surely have earned for that fight. Khabib’s camp is citing the fact that Khabib is an MMA fighter who has very limited experience in boxing, and that is why a fight with Mayweather is a difficult proposition on their part to consider. Abdelaziz has suggested instead that it is Mayweather who should fight Khabib inside the Octagon.


“Dana White was on board, everybody was on board. But, you know, Khabib is an MMA fighter. If Floyd wanted to come to fight in mixed martial arts, get his little ass whooped, no problem,” Abdelaziz told TMZ. Nurmagomedov is an MMA fighter who has won most of his MMA fights through wrestling. Mayweather, on the other hand, though is an undefeated boxer with 50 wins, has no past wrestling experience.

Mayweather has since hung up the gloves as of August 2017, but rumors about his ring return have been circulating on the internet. Khabib also retired undefeated from MMA last year.

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