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What Makes Manny Pacquiao A Great Boxer and An Inspiration to His Fellow Athletes?

Manny Pacquiao trains with his long-time trainer Freddie Roach at Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles, California. Wendell Rupert Alinea/MP Promotions

Perhaps every athlete has that insatiable hunger within that drives him to become the best in his chosen field. But some athletes are simply exceptional, and yes, gifted. And here comes Manny Pacquiao, a virtually unknown Filipino boxer who finally chose boxing for the sake of survival after a string of odd jobs just to make ends meet. Little did we know that this skinny boxer (when he’s just starting as a pro) who hailed from one of the poorest communities in the Philippines would become one of the most recognized athletes in the world today.


Pacquiao’s rags to riches story of his life should serve as an inspiration to many people, especially his fellow athletes. It reminds us that we have to believe in ourselves and that we are capable of achieving the impossible. Our God-given talents and special abilities are nothing if we don’t have the mindset of a true champion. Pacquiao has shown us how to soar to great heights from the ruins of where he stood.

A young Manny Pacquiao trains hard on a makeshift training equipment.

As a boxer, he gives us the feeling that we can achieve what we set out to achieve in life and in our chosen fields. His record is not flawless and he has been knocked out and defeated multiple times. And yet he managed to rise from the ruins of it all, plant the flag of a champion on the boxing moon. What he’s done and accomplished is like announcing to all of us that if we really focus on what we are passionate about, then training hard for it, working hard for it, is the best way to do it.


Pacquiao has also taught us to be humble in times of victory, acknowledge God as the source of his strength, accept defeat as it is and come out strong next time. Being regarded as one of the best boxers to ever wear boxing gloves, Pacquiao has shown that it’s not all about getting a flawless record. Many great boxers, like Muhammad Ali, for example, have also tasted defeat throughout their boxing careers. But what makes them exceptional is that these great boxers can emerge from the wreckage and still be a source of inspiration for many people.

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