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Pacquiao May Still Have Three More Fights Before Finally Retiring

Pacquiao has recently expressed his desire to fight either Crawford or Spence in 2021. Crawford has hinted, after his dominating win against Brook, that he is willing to face Pacquiao first before Spence Jr., who had a big win against Danny Garcia for the unified welterweight title. But Pacquiao, who seems to have no shortage of potential opponents eager to fight him, can face them both in 2021.


Pacquiao will turn 42 on December 17, but it seems he never grew old in the ring, as was evidently seen when he faced and dominated younger opponents like Thurman. But there are those who have warned him not to choose younger opponents, as this can potentially harm not only his health but also his legacy. But regardless of who Pacquiao has to fight next, it’s all up to him to decide. As a future Hall of Famer and the only 8-division champion, he has nothing to prove anymore. He has accomplished what very few have also accomplished in boxing history.

So what we’re going to announce in this article as his likely last three fights before retiring is just an opinion. But these fights may be what many also wish to see. Here’s the list by the way:

Pacquiao Vs. Crawford
It’s interesting to see how Crawford will fare against Pacquiao. It’s also exciting how Pacquiao can use his speed advantage against a younger opponent. Crawford is a slow starter, but he has precision punching ability, ring skill, and consistency. In Pacquiao’s prime, we can see him easily dismantle Crawford with whatever he has in his arsenal. But if Pacquiao has declined, we don’t know how much he has enough left in his tank to destroy the younger, hungrier Crawford. Or was Pacquiao just recharged like new?


Pacquiao Vs. Spence Jr.
This is sure to be a great fight. It will be a classic fight between a young lion and an old lion. The young lion is full of confidence that he can handle the aging lion well. But the old lion can use his experience to defeat the young lion. And that’s not just that, as the fight progresses, the young lion is surprised that the old lion has never actually aged. It’s too late for the young lion to make adjustments against a roaring old beast that is about to devour him.

Pacquiao Vs. McGregor
A fight with McGregor is the safest and most convenient route for Pacquiao to consider before hanging up his gloves for good. McGregor has little chance of defeating Pacquiao, but it can be a lucrative fight for both.

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