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Is It About Time for Crawford to Part Ways With Arum’s Top Rank?

When we talk about Terrence Crawford, we are talking about one of Top Rank Promotions’ most important assets. Although he has yet to be tested against the top-rated champions in his division, he is undoubtedly one of the best welterweights of this era, claiming the WBO welterweight title since 2018 and has only magnified his undefeated professional career. With his latest success against Brook, his record has improved to 37 wins, 28 of which come by knockout.


But Crawford’s relationship with Top Rank has suddenly taken a turn, as it may seem, and it may have started when an attorney representing Crawford sent a letter to Top Rank boss Bob Arum expressing his client’s complaints. We have seen some differences between fighters and promoters in this our beloved sport, some of which have gone haywire to the point of parting ways, but in most cases they were just being resolved. But we have yet to find out where this Crawford-Arum rift can lead, although we hope the two sides will eventually reconcile.

Arum may not have taken the content of the letter well, hence his unwelcome reply. An article written by Mike Coppinger for The Athletic, has revealed about the message of the letter sent by Crawford’s lawyer, which accuses Top Rank of not having done quite right for Crawford and that Arum should have been able to secure a mega fight for Crawford. Crawford still has two more fights left with Top Rank, as the contract states, but Arum’s response at Crawford based on the interview can be seen as losing interest in his best fighter.

“He’s got to promote like (unified lightweight champion Teofimo) Lopez does. He’s got to promote like (former featherweight champion) Shakur (Stevenson) does. Like (Floyd) Mayweather did. Like (Manny) Pacquiao did. If he doesn’t, then who the f*** needs him? He may be the greatest fighter in the world, but, hey, I ain’t going bankrupt promoting him.”


Crawford needs to face some top caliber welterweights to further cement his boxing legacy. He needs to face the winner of the Garcia-Spence Jr. fight, and most of all he needs to face Pacquiao and be able to defeat him. But Arum’s tirade about his best fighter may come as a surprise to many boxing fans, although many people know for a fact that boxing promoters are considering the commercial side of the sport as well.

“I could build a house in Beverly Hills on the money I’ve lost on him in the last three fights. A beautiful home. Nobody questions (Terence) Crawford’s innate, tremendous ability. Look, you can have the greatest opera singer in the world. If the fans don’t support it, you’re out of business,” said Arum.

So will this be the time for Crawford to part ways with Arum’s Top Rank? “Release me now and you won’t have to lose any more money,” Crawford said in an interview with SiriusXM on Wednesday. “It pissed me off because I’m one of the most loyal people. For him to say some foolish sh– like that, it made me look at him a totally different way.”

In response to Arum’s suggestion that Crawford should be the one to promote himself, he has this to say: “That’s not my job [on promoting], I’m not a promoter. What am I? A fighter. I get paid to fight, I don’t get paid to promote. He gets paid to promote. He’s supposed to promote me.”

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