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Terrence Crawford Says He Will Fight Spence-Garcia Winner If Pacquiao Fight Fails

Even at this point where Spence Jr. and Garcia have yet to prove to each other who will emerge victorious in their welterweight title fight on December 5, Terrence Crawford (36-0, 27 KOs) is already looking to pair up against the winner of said fight. But that’s just Plan B, because he’s really looking forward to fighting Pacquiao.


Crawford is the reigning WBO 147-pound champion and will face Kell Brook on Saturday night, November 14. Seriously, Crawford needs to dismantle Brook first and convincingly before they can give him the Pacquiao ticket. One thing Crawford needs to improve is his tendency to absorb blows, which can pose a problem as the fight progresses. We can see that weakness in his last fight against Egidijus Kavaliauskas in December 2019, where his tendency to absorb blows can really pose a problem in the long run.

Brook (39-2, 27 KOs) is not an easy opponent for Crawford. But he is perhaps the toughest opponent he can face inside the ring so far. The version of Brook fighting Golovkin and Spence Jr. may be too dangerous for Crawford. Brook has all the physical advantages against a small-boned welterweight Crawford. But we don’t know how much Brook still has left in his tank, or how much wear and tear he’s suffered from the Golovkin and Spence Jr. fights.


Crawford has a premonition that Spence Jr. may be in big trouble since Garcia is not a walk in the park. In an interview with Yahoo Sports News, Crawford says the following: “Danny is a tremendous talent, and he’s strong, he’s durable, and he can punch, and he can box. So it’s going to be interesting seeing how Spence is going to take these big shots that Danny is going to be hitting him with if he hits him.”

“May the better man win, which I think is me,” said Crawford. “I favor Spence to get past Danny Garcia, but I don’t think it’ll be any walk in the park. We seen Shawn Porter land some heavy shots on Spence, and in my heart, Danny Garcia hits harder than Shawn Porter. If Danny lands those types of shots on Spence as Shawn Porter did, we’re going to have an exciting fight to watch.”

But isn’t it just that Crawford wants Garcia to win because he thinks he’s actually less of a threat to him than Spence Jr.? Spence Jr. has the size and power advantage over Crawford, plus a granite chin that can really give Crawford a headache when it’s time for both of them to meet inside the ring.

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