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Pacquiao Vs. Lopez Superfight at 140–Can They Make It Happen Next Year?

Teofimo Lopez has said in an interview that he is not interested in giving Lomachenko a rematch after he defeated the highly favored Ukrainian boxer via a unanimous decision victory on October 17, 2020. It’s not yet clear what Lopez’s next plan is, but he hints that he could move up to 140 pounds to face the bigger challenge that awaits him there. But if he chooses to stay at 135, then he has only one last hurdle left to overcome in completing his championship belt collection in the lightweight division, and that is capturing the WBC lightweight belt that Devin Haney currently holds.


But if what he wants to do next is go up to 140 then that would be a real test for him, considering such a particular division is where the deep talents are. Many legitimate 147-pounders would also be willing to cut a few pounds just to grab a piece of the pie by facing him at 140. Assuming that Lopez decides to venture into the junior welterweight territory (140 pounds), his biggest fight would be against Pacquiao if the Filipino 8-division world champion drops a few pounds to 140 from his comfortable fighting weight of 147.

The junior welterweight division is currently dominated by two reigning champions, Josh Taylor and Jose Ramirez, who shared all the belts between them for that particular division. Taylor and Ramirez are set for a unification title fight next year and whoever wins will take all the belts. Lopez can challenge the Taylor-Ramirez winner and once he can successfully dethrone the undisputed junior welterweight champion, he will be on his way to the most lucrative boxing match of his entire life: a superfight with Pacquiao.

Of course, Lopez has to take a few tune-up fights first and should win convincingly before he can earn a spot that would rank him as a challenger to the winner of Taylor-Ramirez. If Lopez is successful in his campaign of clearing the hurdles he may face in the junior welterweight division that may catapult him to the top, then facing Pacquiao will likely occur in late 2021, perhaps in November or December.

It will certainly be a very exciting fight, a fight that many boxing fans yearn to see. But can they make it happen next year?

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