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3 Things Can Happen In the Tyson-Jones Jr. Showdown On November 28, 2020

The fight between heavyweight division boxing legends “Iron” Mike Tyson (50-6-44) and Roy “The Captain Hook” Jones Jr. (66-9-47) has finally been set for November 28, 2020 at Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson California. The fight was originally scheduled for the month of September, but was later moved to November 28.

Although it is just an exhibition match between two former heavyweight champions, many boxing fans believe it is worth watching. And the sense of excitement and euphoria for their scheduled fight was further fueled by Mike Tyson’s training videos circulating on social media. At 51, Iron Mike seemed never to have aged at all. He’s in tremendous shape, and he still has incredible speed in his powerful hands and excellent head movement. Jones Jr., on the other hand, although he slowed down a bit, but obviously still can.

So who, between these two boxing legends, would you give your support? It’s hard to predict how this exhibition fight will play out, but if we do, it’s nothing more than a mere opinion on our part for anyone to agree or disagree with. Here are 3 things that can happen in the November 28 showdown between “Iron” Mike and “Captain Hook”:

Tyson By KO3

Iron Mike will knock out Roy Jones Jr. in the third round. In rounds 1 and 2, Mike will assault Jones Jr. with a series of vicious body shots and short but quick uppercuts and some wild hooks, which weakens him early. Captain Hook will do his best to make his deft movements work, but to no avail, as Tyson simply gets on top of him every time and mows him down with his powerful shots that suggest an ax chopping down a tree.

In the middle of the third round, Jones Jr. will be caught with a left uppercut to his chin followed by a right hook to the left of his head. It will be like seeing a tree cut down with an ax, which falls to the canvas and bounces a little. Jones Jr. will be knocked unconscious the moment he was hit with Mike’s uppercut and right hook and had to wait a few moments, as he falls to the canvas, to revive.

Jones Jr. By TKO8

Roy Jones Jr. is going to make it obvious from the start that he can handle Iron Mike well. Captain Hook’s natural gliding ability is just amazing. Not only he can hit, but he hits well. He can also take Tyson’s power shots. But the most interesting thing about him fighting Tyson is that he makes Tyson look stupid. Mike Tyson will be reduced to a frustrated street fighter trying to chase down his opponent in order to land the big shots. But the biggest problem Tyson could have had and which he seems to have no solution for was his gas tank. There are times in rounds 6 and 7 where Tyson may seem like he’s breaking down, as he’s catching his breath and too tired, but his willingness to continue is the only thing keeping him from giving up. In the eight round, when Tyson appears to be a standing target, Jones Jr. attacks him with combo shots to the body and to the head. Tyson would fall to the canvas and can’t beat the referee’s count.

Jones Jr. By UD

The fight appears to be as close as it should be between the two until the championship rounds when Jones Jr. suddenly controls the fight. One obvious reason is that Tyson is running out of gas and no longer had the sting in his punches to keep the pace going in his favor. When the bell rings in the final round signalling the end of the fight, Tyson can be seen walking to his corner on shaky knees. The final verdict will be announced shortly, and it was a unanimous decision victory for Captain Hook.

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