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Pacquiao Vs. Valero: One Of the Best Boxing Fights Of All Time that Never Happened

Modern day caveman slugger Valero (L) and Pacquiao (R) who can fight many different styles.

It could be one of the best boxing fights out there. A total war: a showdown of raw power, ferocity, relentlessness, and more. The Venezuelan slugger Edwin Valero was not called the “El Terminator” for nothing. He’s undefeated in 27 fights and knocked out all of his opponents.

Can you imagine the power he has in his two fists? It’s as if he has a mallet in his fists, so to speak. And you can add to it the way he fights, it’s like he’s possessed. It’s no wonder why in all of his 27 fights no one was able to go all the way to finish the fight. But the “El Terminator” made sure they didn’t get a chance to make the outcome of the fight go to the judges’ scorecards.

And here comes Manny Pacquiao, an aggressive fighter, fast, and very exciting to watch. His fighting style was considered by many boxing fans as the link between Mike Tyson and Henry Armstrong. Pacquiao has insane power in his left hand that’s combined with blinding speed.

But what would have happened when these two men faced each other in the ring? Can Pacquiao take the raw power of Valero? How would the Venezuelan slugger handle Paquiao’s blinding speed? We have so many questions to ask because the fight we all need to see didn’t materialize. But the answer may not be too far from the truth of what we all believe: that it’s gonna be a truly monumental, fierce, and memorable battle that the boxing world would have seen.

We would have seen a more intense lightweight version of Hagler’s battle against Hearns in Pacquiao-Valero clash. Yes, it would have been fought at lightweight (135 pounds). It would have been short and wild. Or it would also have been long and brutal.

Surely there would have been a rematch, or even a trilogy. It would have been an all-out war. It would have been good for boxing.

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